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With more than 25 years track records, Continental Engineering has proven to be among the Best in the industry and has an established clientele in the Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas industries.


Machining Services

At Continental Engineering, we provide professional in-house machining services and solutions to meet customer’s requirement. Our Machining Services Include

  • CNC Precision Machining
  • CNC Large Scale / Large part Machining
  • CNC Plate Profile Cutting
  • CNC Vertical Lathe Turning
  • CNC Profile Milling

Bird’s Eye View of our Machine Facilities

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Machining Services 1

Machine Capacity

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 Horizontal CNC Lathe  Max Swing 2200mm x Max Turning Length 5000mm, Max. Load 18,000Kg
 Horizontal CNC Turn Mill  Max Swing 800mm x Max Length Turn Length 3000mm, Max Load 7,000Kg
 Precision CNC Lathe  Max Swing 300mm x Max Turning Length 600mm
 Vertical Turning Lathe  Max Swing 2500mm x Length 2000mm, Max. Load 10,000Kg
 Vertical Machine Centre  X, Y, Z Travel : 1400mm x 700mm x 700mm. Max. Load 1,200Kg
 Vertical Machine Centre  X, Y, Z Travel : 1100mm x 700mm x700mm. Max Load 1,000Kg
 Double Column Machine Center  X, Y, Z Travel : 3000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm. Max. Load 12,000Kg
 CNC Horizontal Borer  X, Y, Z , W Travel : 2500 x 1900 x 1500 x 700 with B axis. Max Load 12,000Kg
 Conventional Machine  Milling Machine, Lathe (up to 3m), Drilling etc.
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Our reputation was built on our experiences in structural fabrication and engineering services in a variety of parts and materials for industries as diverse as Marine Offshore.

With more than 25 years of track record, Continental Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd has proven itself to be among the Best In The Industry!

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