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Project References

Project Reference for Year 2024

Project Reference For Year 2023

Interface plate
Re-conditioning Ø2400mm Slew Bearing
40FT Compartment (upper and lower)
Junction Box & Battery Pod
Battery Pod
LAR System
LAR System

Project Reference For Year 2022

Pull Head Support
Diverless Bellmouth 25 units
16in Rotary Joint Assembly with Pressure Test
Storage Frame
Plough Lifting Spreader
Diverless Bellmouth with Hydraulic Actuator 30 units
Pull Head Support

Project Reference For Year 2021

Pipe Base
Pipe Base
Clamp Housing
Fitting Dummy
Cable Chute
Towing Pennant

Project Reference For Year 2020

Telelegs structure
Hydraulic Manifold
Stainless Steel Frame
Stainless Steel Frame
Chain Stopper
Chain Stopper
Installation Aids
Installation Aids
Repair for Cylinder Housing

Project Reference for Year 2019

Riser Bellmouth
Base Packer
Custom Drive Adaptor
Spud Base, Spud Pile, Camera Post, Mud Mat and Running Tool Assy.
Combustion Chamber
Screeding Tool
Chain Stopper (6 Units)
Subsea Dead Weight
Wire Levelling Winder
Dia 1200mm Sheave
Combusion Chamber
Hydraulic Manifold
Cable Tower with Upper and Lower Chute

Project Reference for Year 2018

Buoy Release Hook
4" Chain Stopper
shaft cover
Parking Plate
Winch Frame
Cardin Ring with Fender
Combustion Chamber
Skid and Skid Arm
Overflow Valve
SAT Control Room Structure Frame
Horizontal Sheave Spacer
Riser Bellmouths

Project Reference for Year 2017

Machining Fixture
SIT Fabrication Aids
Pandora Spooling Bracelet
Bolting System Deployment Frame
PPT Basket
Tool Deployment Basket
Bottle Bank Frame
Draw Bar / Steering Arm LH
Combustion Chamber
Riser Bellmouth 3 Units
Twin Umbilical Rack
Sliding Carriage
Transverse Bumper Frames
Bell Support Structure
Rope Guard
Viewport Holder with Blind Flange
Lock Pendulum
Becon Holder
Overboard Sheave

Project Reference for Year 2016

Diving A-Frame
Spreader 3 Point
Hang-Off Collar
Bell Battery Pod and Battery charger
Tow Swivel
Fabrication Suction Cover
Umbilical Tulip
Follower Pipe. Dia. 2.13m x LG 7.0m
Combustion Chamber
Winch Drum
Fixture Plate
Conductor Tensioning Unit -350 Stroke
Shaft Cover
Bear Housing

Project Reference for Year 2015

40T Spooling Stand
Adaptor Plate machining
Crane Foundation Block Starboard
Diaphram Machining
Platform Structure
Riser Bellmouth 9 Units
Riser Bellmouth 62 units
Riser Handling Clamp

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